Our pension Bazilika alatt Panzió, thanks to the cooperation with the restaurant Prímás Pince also offers our dear guests half board (threecourse menu). The appeal of the Basilica alatt Panzió is a charming view of the Basilica.

This beauty persists even during dinner, when the Prímás Pince restaurant is located near the basilica below the hill. The Prímás Pince restaurant is just a 5-minute walk from the Panzió Basilica.


Special kitchen made from regional ingredients harmonizes with the Prímás Pince wine assortment and provides an unforgettable culinary experience.

The harmonious unity of the different regional styles of kitchen ensures the constant renewal of our kitchen.
The restaurant successfully combines national traditions with modern gastronomic features, but retains the diversity and national character of Hungarian cuisine in the Carpathian Basin.

While maintaining our national values, we follow the gastronomic way. Our meals are made exclusively from quality Hungarian ingredients. The variety of hospitality offers, and the high quality of service and the unique scenery of the location make it a pleasure.

Prímás Pince in pictures

The nearly 200-year-old cellar system - divided by the Dark Gate - gained its original glow after preservation and renovation. The 3700 m² cellar system offers its guests a unique experience: its height is 11 meters, arched brick arches and unique fascinating visitors.

Wander through the Primás Pince cellar and we warmly welcome you to Esztergome.

Visitor Center

From Basilica you can even take a panoramic lift to the first open visitor center Prímás Pince in the region. We are waiting for visitors in Esztergom with tourist information, a regional program guide and the possibility of buying tickets. The Euroregion Ister-Granum and Esztergom will be presenting a free exhibition.

Restaurant Prímás Pince

The interior design and menu of the Prímás Pince restaurant have been completely restored. They offer excellent wines along with dishes made from regional ingredients, complementing the gastronomic journey. The gallery level of the restaurant offers fantastic views of the wine region tunnel, which fascinates visitors with its length of almost 90 meters, its arches and ceiling height.


Well-known chefs take care of traditional dishes that they try to produce using modern technology in an elegant style. It is very
important that we use only the ingredients of origin of food, ie especially Hungarian ingredients. For example, dairy products are obtained from Pilismarót, jams and syrups from Nagybörzsönyu.

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